Your tax-deductible contribution will helps us end the solitary confinement of youth in juvenile and adult facilities.

The Stop Solitary for Kids campaign supports reforms by:

  • Connecting agency and facility administrators with peers who have successfully reduced solitary;
  • Providing information to legislative committees on the harms of solitary and the alternatives to its use;
  • Educating the public about solitary confinement through traditional and social media outlets;
  • Engaging youth and family members who have been impacted by solitary confinement;
  • Supporting local, state, and national advocates in efforts to end the solitary for youth;
  • Connecting local, state, and national advocates to available resources;
  • Conducting targeted assessments of agencies and facilities to identify ways to end solitary;
  • Helping agencies/facilities develop policies, training, and programs to end solitary;
  • Helping agencies/facilities develop capacity to collect, monitor, and analyze data on the use of solitary;
  • Publishing information about successful reform efforts in jurisdictions throughout the country.