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Stop Solitary for Kids: A National Campaign for Change (JJIE, December 2015)

Cruel and All-Too-Usual: A Terrifying Glimpse Into Life in Prison—As a Kid (Huffington Post, July 2015)

Who Runs Rikers? The rule says no solitary for kids. The staff finds a loophole (The Marshall Project, June 2, 2015)

Here’s Kalief Browder’s Heartbreaking Research Paper on Solitary Confinement (HuffPost, June 2015)

Justice Kennedy Denounces Solitary Confinement (The Atlantic, June 2015)

What We Don’t Know About Kalief Browder and Solitary Confinement in the U.S. (Washington Post, June 2015)

John Legend: New York Failed Kalief Browder (Vulture, June 2015)

Kalief Browder, 1993-2015 (New York Times, June 2015)

This Is What Happens When We Lock Children in Solitary Confinement (Mother Jones, January 2015)

Before the Law (New York Times, October 2014, on Kalief Browder)

Solitary to End for Youngest at Rikers Island (New York Times, September 2014)

How Solitary Confinement Hurts the Teenage Brain (The Atlantic, June 2014)

Growing Number of States Moving Away From Solitary Confinement (JJIE, 2014)

Questioning Solitary Confinement for Adolescents at Rikers (PBS Newshour, February 2014)

My Night in Solitary (New York Times, February 2014)

The Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, Rick Raemisch, spent a night in solitary confinement. He became an advocate for ending solitary.