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Join us on October 17 from 1:00-2:00pm EST (11:00am-12:00pm PST) in remembering Venida Browder’s strength as a mother and an advocate. Venida Browder dedicated her life to her children. She was a tireless advocate for her son, Kalief Browder, who was arrested at the age of sixteen and endured solitary confinement and other abuses inside the Rikers Island Jail. Venida worked to hold the New York City justice system accountable for Kalief’s death.  On the first anniversary of her passing, we honor Venida’s strength, sacrifice, and courage as part of the Stop Solitary for Kids campaign.



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Join us on Oct. 17 at 1pm EST to #HonorVenida on the 1st anniversary of #VenidaBrowder’s passing (23 character toolkit link)

#HonorVenida Browder on Twitter Oct. 17 @ 1pm: She fought for action so #KaliefBrowder’s life wasn’t lost in vain http://wp.me/P7zLOY-Ia

After #Kalief’s death, she championed justice for others. On OCT. 17 at 1:00pm #HonorVenida Browder http://wp.me/P7zLOY-Ia

JOIN US on Oct 17 @ 1pm to #HonorVenida Browder’s advocacy & courage. Spread the word with the social media toolkit: (23 character toolkit link)


On the first anniversary of #VenidaBrowder’s passing, we recognize her strength as a mother and advocate #HonorVenida #StopSolitaryForKids

#VenidaBrowder passed on 10-14-16 from a broken heart after losing her son. Today we celebrate  her legacy #StopSolitaryForKids #HonorVenida

She never gave up on her son, #KaliefBrowder. “People care because they see I care” #HonorVenida one year after her passing #JJReform

She traveled 3.5 hrs to visit her son each week. She never stopped fighting for #KaliefBrowder. #HonorVenida + help #StopSolitary #CJReform

Venida fought for action so #KaliefBrowder’s life wasn’t lost in vain. Act now to #HonorVenida #JuvenileJustice

After her son’s death, she championed justice for others. Her tireless fight shows how powerful love and advocacy can be #HonorVenida

FACT: 50% of suicides in facilities occur while kids are in solitary. Let’s #HonorVenida & #StopSolitaryForKids http://wp.me/P7zLOY-Ia

FACT: #SolitaryConfinement = permanent harm to kids. Continue Venida Browder’s fight against brutality in jails #HonorVenida #NoKidsinPrison

FACT: Each year, thousands of kids are put in solitary and adult jails. Let’s #HonorVenida & #StopSolitaryForKids http://bit.ly/20eepGx

After her son #KaliefBrowder’s death, Venida fought to hold the NYC justice system accountable. #HonorVenida #JuvenileJustice

#KaliefBrowder was never found guilty of a crime, but spent 2 years in solitary as a teen. Continue to #HonorVenida & #StopSolitaryForKids


We remember the courage, faith, and strength of Venida Browder. Venida fought for justice reform in New York City after her son, Kalief, suffered at Rikers from abuse and solitary confinement. After his death, she continued Kalief’s fight for justice against Rikers, the court system, and law enforcement. “Justice for me and Kalief is letting them admit that they are the reason he’s dead. If he would’ve never been literally snatched off the street in a flimsy case that never happened, he would be here.” Please join us to #HonorVenida and #StopSolitaryForKids.

Venida Browder’s legacy was her family, and her son whom she never gave up on. Her sixteen-year-old son, Kalief Browder, was arrested and held at Rikers for three years without being convicted of a crime. “Kalief was my son. As a mother, as a parent, you’re supposed to protect your kids, and I wasn’t able to protect him. They took that right away from me. But when I went to Rikers, I could see him. . . You can see your child, but you can’t take your child home.” After Kalief’s death, Venida turned heartbreak into advocacy.  Please join us to #HonorVenida and #StopSolitaryForKids.