Animated Graphic: Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in Youth Justice Systems

As the country grapples with the global COVID-19 pandemic, youth in the justice system must not be left behind in public health efforts. We have already seen too many examples of how COVID-19 can spread quickly among youth and staff in facilities and other congregate care settings. We also know that COVID-19 has had a particularly devastating impact on communities of color.

Fortunately, decisions at key points in the system can significantly reduce the exposure of young people to COVID-19, beginning at a youth’s contact with law enforcement: (1) Arrest, (2) Intake, (3) Detention, (4) Probation, and (5) Placement/ Committment

CCLP has created this Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) to visually demonstrate basic measures that youth justice professionals at all levels of government can take to greatly reduce the potential impact of COVID-19 on youth, staff, and communities.

This is not solely an issue about the health of young people. If COVID-19 spreads in a facility or agency, staff can easily carry it home to their families and communities as well. Now is the time for all of us to do our part to keep all of us safe. You can also read CCLP’s Statement of Actions for Youth Justice Professionals to learn more.


Ways to Use the Graphic

  • Share it on social media to raise awareness of the steps we should take to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Facilitate a conversation among youth justice stakeholders in your community about the steps your jurisdiction could be taking at key decision points in the youth justice system.
  • Use it to educate public officials and youth justice stakeholders on the steps they can take to limit the spread of COVID-19 from a youth’s contact with law enforcement through placement in youth facilities.

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For More Information on Youth Justice and COVID-19

  • CCLP’s Statement on Urgent Actions Needed by Youth Justice Professionals in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • CCLP’s Article: “The COVID Catch-22 for Young People Behind Bars,” in The Crime Report